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1.Crawling Status

Find below different stats that how crawlers are indexing your site.

A) HTTP Response Ok

HTTP/2 200
date: Thu, 30 May 2024 02:48:15 GMT
content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
x-powered-by: PHP/5.4.16
cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC
report-to: {"endpoints":[{"url":"https:\/\/a.nel.cloudflare.com\/report\/v4?s=hCmq6Pbj46cT5tFfNjUhgKf7gvNK7%2Fz1kJATaqx%2BaRl%2FJSTBean9510qCcHLAnZ4eAtdtlbKPOs8GdI2F4JWYU31FmWx5ugYFAmmz%2FqtbT5emJqhif3H4yyJlJanQt3WtB0gbHKl9DZYLc8%3D"}],"group":"cf-nel","max_age":604800}
nel: {"success_fraction":0,"report_to":"cf-nel","max_age":604800}
server: cloudflare
cf-ray: 88bb67767f6b7743-LHR
alt-svc: h3=":443"; ma=86400
Suggestion: Search engine crawlers and their robots took information from HTTP Headers to better understand the structure of a site and specifically a page, to be crawled quickly and read easily by robots you are advised to implement SEO friendly headers, Find more info about HTTP Headers by HTTP Header Analyzer

B) Robots.txt File Present

Suggestion: Robots.txt file is created for the purpose to tell crawlers, search engine bots and spiders, which directory or file in a website should be indexed and which directories and files must never be crawled, mostly used to restrict sensitive urls like login and gallery pages and also the urls which may have duplicate content to avoid leaking of content juice. You may create this file by opening notepad and naming that file as robot.txt and then upload the root directory of your site; you may even pass specific instructions for specific directories and pages for specific Search Engines in it. You may build a robot.txt file for your website from Online robot.txt File Builder
C) Sitemap Availability Present

Suggestion: Most of the Search engines advised to create xml sitemap to map your website easily, you can create an xml sitemap through Site Map Generator , once after creating sitemap, upload it to your web root folder and then submit the link of sitemap to google web master tools account or any search engine web master tools account, by means of which search engine quickly index about all of your pages.

2. Head Elements

Find what Head elements like Title tag, Meta Description and Meta Keywords your page have and how accurate they are?

A) Title Tags

Title: pensiunan pns / Pensiun PNS – Direktorat SDM Universitas Brawijaya
Lenght: 68 (Bad - To much)
Stop words: Not present
Keyword(s) in title: Could not compute
Keyword relevence: Could not compute

Suggestion: Every page of a website should have a unique title and as most of the search engines limits the title length maximum to 70 characters including spaces, so your meta title must not exceed this length, as title tag has great importance according to SEO point of view so you should consider using your best key words, very much according to your page content, you may create best meta tags through Meta Tag Generator, you may also review how your meta tags will be visible in search engines using Meta Tag Extractor

B) Meta Keywords

Keywords: Not present
Keywords count: Could not compute
Relevance with site: Could not compute

Suggestion: Just like meta title of any page, most of the times for making snippet, google and othe search engines take meta description to show off in search engines, so just like meta title, you should consider to write a meta description using the best possible piece of content narrating the cause of page, you can create your met description for your pages from Generate Meta Tags, Size of description should be in between 80-150 characters for better visibility in Search Engines.
C) Meta Description

Description: Not Present
Description lenght: Could not compute
Keywords in description: Could not compute
Relevance with keywords: Could not compute

Suggestion: Meta keywords was one of the best tool to get in search engines in the past but now its importance is not as it was before but still SEO experts give meta keywords a big hand yet, so you should consider them to have in your web pages, you should have comma separated keywords about 5-7 in total, the easiest way to have best key words against your page content is to use the tool Keywords Generator

3. Page Content

Check out your page content that how relevant factors it has and whether it is according to needs?

Content characters count: 1364
Content words count: 182
Keywords present in content: Could not compute
Content relevance Could not compute.
Keyword(s) in italic: Not present
Keyword(s) in bold: Could not compute
Headings check: h1:1h2:0h3:0h4:0h5:0h6:0
Iframes check: Not present

Suggestion: With the passage of time, search engines changes their policies, “how to crawl web pages”. According to recent era search engines, especially google like good quality of page content and also there are certain parameters to write content on your page. Your page content length must not lesser than 50 words or 300 characters, you should consider using Bold <"b">, Heading <"h">, Italic <"i"> tags in your content, try not to use h1 tag more than one time. Keep this fact in your mind that search engines do not like iframs so avoid using ifram as ifram did not allowed to be indexed.

4. Url Structure

View your page url parameters, it length and whether it is relevant to your keywords.

Domain: mortgagesrefinancing.biz/pensiunan-pns.php
Keyword(s) in url: Not present
Domain lenght: 42 (Good)
Subdomains: Present

Suggestion: Most of us are with the view that domain name does not matter but it matters, before starting your site, project or blog, you must have a domain name with an extension and keywords relevant to the topic of your project and the domain name should be easy to remember and must not longer than 76 characters without special words. Try using main domain like www.yourdomain.com for your projects despite subdomains like sub.yourdomain.com as search engines give much importance to main domain rather than subdomains.

5. Internal / External Links

Analyse internal and external links of your web.

Internal links: 3
External links: 16

Suggestion: Keep this fact that site links pay a vital role in indexing your site’s pages, so you must be very keen in searching if there is any broken link in your site time to time and there must not be more than 100 inbound links (Links pointing to your site) otherwise search engine may assume it as spamming. Title for your links must be in respect to the link itself and your links must have a proper anchor text, check how many internal, external, dofollow and nofollow links your website have? Link Analyzer